Tabbed Browsing: January 8, 2010

The unspeakable tragedy in Tucson today has brought with is a steady stream of news analysis, many of it worth a read.

A Passionate Politician with a Long List of Friends. The New York Times on Rep. Giffords’ persona and political skill in the District.

The Cloudy Logical of “Political” Shootings. The inimitable James Fallows pens a phenomenal piece on the Atlantic’s website about the tenuous connection between political violence and specific policy. He argues that the “tone” of an era is often a more important tool for understanding why acts of violence occur.

A “Mecca for Prejudice and Bigotry.” This is how the Sheriff of Pima County labeled his state today. He held a blunt and honest news conference, appraising what was happening in Arizona as a whole, and how it relates to what happened in Tucson on Saturday morning.

Lawmakers Consider their Safety after Gabrielle Giffords Shooting. Politico covers what is on everyone’s mind right now, including mine: how this event affects security for Congressional officials moving forward. Great quotes by John Dingell about Lyndon Johnson’s own encounter with vitriolic politics.


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