Tabbed Browsing: January 3, 2011

After a productive day, turning in early. Here’s what I’m reading.

Steele Speaks in Today's Debate

Steele Debates Four Challengers for RNC Leadership. I caught about an hour of this on C-SPAN today, and it was truly vile. Ann Wagner, one candidate attempting to over throw Chairman Steele, marked the low point of the event when she declared that she owned and kept 16 guns. “We got a new gun safe for Christmas,” she said. Look for my own piece on the debate, to post – hopefully – tomorrow on Huffington Post.

One Side Now. I’ve met Erwin Chemerinsky, and am looking forward to reading his new book, The Conservative Assault on the Constitution. That said, Posner’s criticisms seem fair-minded and in good faith; I am looking forward to exploring the book for myself, but enjoyed reading his review.

Oprah Winfrey Network Launches. Oprah Winfrey launched OWN this week. I haven’t had a chance to watch anything on it yet, but enjoyed this review of reviews.


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