Tabbed Browsing: January 1, 2011

Here’s a rundown of what I’ll be reading and watching from the comfort of my bed on this first day of 2011.

Charlie Rose’s interview with Ambassador Jon Huntsman. Newsweek reported this morning that Huntsman, President Obama’s Ambassador to China and the former Governor of Utah, was considering a bid for the GOP’s 2012 Presidential nomination. Read the interview for yourself, but it seems to me that Huntsman all but solicited a donation.

Gov. Cuomo on inauguration day. Photo Credit: New York Times

The New York Times on Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s speaking style. A short but interesting story on the linguistic and cultural origins of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s speaking style.

Chief Justice John Roberts at Canisius College. A lot is being made of the Chief’s recent comments on the judicial appointment process, and rightfully so. In a revealing Q&A, Roberts discusses his feelings on “Advice & Consent” as well as a host of other issues lawyers and laymen alike will find interesting.

This Year, Change Your Mind. Dr. Oliver Sacks, the neurologist and public intellectual behind Awakenings and The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat, is in the New York Times today with his own suggestion for a 2011 resolution.

One of Gopnik's temptations. Photo Credit: New Yorker Magazine


The Science and Imagination behind Modern Dessert. The New Yorker‘s resident bon vivant has a wonderful piece for the January 3rd issue on the power of dessert. The pictures alone warrant a visit.


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